Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet this great Bonanza Booth - Hope's Little Angels

Hi, My name is Joy & I am a 38 yr. old stay at home mom of 3 Little Angels (ages 7, 5 & 4-all girls!!). I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Dec. 2006 while 32 weeks pregnant. I had surgeries & chemotherapy and am so far cancer free. I lost my mom in April of 2008 to a long battle with Ovarian Cancer. Together we started making our "Angel's of Hope" when she was first diagnosed and I (with the help of my dad) am continuing to make them in her memory. I donate a portion of my profits to several organizations such as The American Cancer Society, The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, FORCE, Young Survival Coaltion, Stand up to Cancer & Operation Gratitude. I also sell on a couple other sites & have sold hundreds of Angels and other Awareness Items. Over the years I have gotten many requests for angels and have a huge assortment of if there is something you would like, let me know!! I have made several online friends over the past few years and hope to continue to meet more wonderful people and Spread Awareness & HOPE for Tommorrow!!

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