Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet This Bonanza Booth- This, That And The Other Thing Too

I love collecting the unique and the interesting. I love finding items from the past that have a story. I love finding long forgotten treasures and finding them new homes with people who will love them just as much as they were loved in the past. I don't really specialize in any one thing, I have very eclectic tastes. I'll buy just about anything that catches my eye.
I also love crafting, especially quilting and cross stitch. I come across great items quite often that I will be offering here. Anything from handmade items, to out-of-print books and magazines. Great projects from the past!
Great books are another passion. Nothing beats the smell and feel of a great book! Especially older books. Check back here if this is also a passion of yours.
I hope you will visit me often as I get my booth up and running. I will be adding new items on a regular basis, so add me to your favorites!
Customer Service is my top priority! Quick shipping and handling times, well packed items, good item descriptions, AND HAPPY customers are on my agenda.
Thanks for shopping!

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