Monday, July 18, 2011

Another great booth!

Pieper (the cat) doesn’t really have a lime on her head…she’s just shy. She is actually a beautiful black 15-year-old feline who is my best friend and the best CEO one could ever hope for. Everywhere she goes is “Pieper’s Place” and so we decided that our home at Bonanzle would be her place too!
Pieper’s Place – a comfortable place, just like your home – pull up a chair, have a cup of something and we’ll tell you a little about our business.
Pieper and I (Sallie – the official feeder and faithful worker at Pieper’s Place) have been selling online for several years. We started off with our own website, selling Native American jewelry, art, pottery and artifacts, some of which you will find in our booth.
From there, we migrated to online auctions, which we loved, but found that it was not the place for us. Then we found BONANZLE and began spiffing up our new home.
For some time, we tried to categorize our store—just pets, no; just pottery, no; just handmade…well, maybe, but probably not altogether. Pieper suggested we just say, “Look what the cat dragged home,” LOL, but I thought that just might be too much information!
So, what you will find is a collection of things we love – some we found at our local “cat house” – actually, that’s what we call the local Cat Care Society Thrift Shop, Cajun's Closet, which we regularly support, by both donating and buying.
Handmade items are made by Sallie in a smoke free home; Pieper supervises, but is not allowed to lounge on the merchandise.

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