Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Mrs Dinkerson

Here is another great booth to visit, great products to buy. Be sure to visit her today

Bonanza is such a friendly place to be that I couldn't resist joining the fun by opening my own booth. There's a bit of a mix of things to see in my booth- from books to clothing to art and collectibles. I try only to sell things that are in very good to nearly new condition. We are a homeschooling family, so I will be offering educational books and materials from time to time, too. These products will be in very good or nearly new condition as well. I also offer personalized booth banners and sell handmade sets of catnip toys, which help fund my local no-kill animal shelter.
I will always strive to treat my customers fairly and honestly. I generally check in at least once per day. I enjoy meeting you, so please feel free to stop in and say hello or ask questions any time. I also can be found playing one of my favorite Bonanza games: Word Find challenge (WFC) or Today's Special: I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours(TS), which are found on the Buying and Selling Games Message Forum or posting on the nightly thread Words of Encouragement (WOE) found under the On A Personal Note Message Forum. Come over and join me anytime! Thank you for visiting and please come back again!

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